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Solint - Eniac Sp. z.o.o has been on Polish market since 1993. We focus on data processing in order to give our clients high level information systems and services. We offer:


  • help concerning choice of IT system
  • introducing of an up-to-date
  • structurem based on
  • innovative IT solutions
  • client's data processing using
  • our i-series and x-series servers
  • implementation of IT systems for managing and administrating a help concerning choice of hardware and software appliances


We participated in an innovatory project of Electronic Data Interchange carried out with FIAT AUTO POLAND, and known as EDIFAP.


Thanks to implementation of EDI, we became well known company on Polish market.

We developed a complete software solution for EDI messaging (with special mapping for FIAT.

From 1996 to 1998 we carried out implementation of software EDI for more than 60 suppliers FAP.

In 2003 we organized, together with POWERTRAIN, a conference for suppliers, thanks to which we could launch a new EDI project.

We have a new product called Generator JPK. It's a software which allows to generate a JPK structures and prepare it for Fiscal Offices according to a new fiscal law. This program cooperate with our own system Golden Lake/SIE400 and all other ERP systems

    starting from January 2015, Solint Eniac Sp. z o.o. has started a stronger technical/trading cooperation with SCAI Group.

SCAI Group operates in Italy and Poland, with Headquarters in Turin and Office in Warsaw. It employs 1200 persons and has a yearly turnover of 75 milion euros.

SCAI Group, since 1973, works in the field of informatics consulting.

Its mother company SCAI S.p.A. has a share capital of 1 milion euros and is owned, among others, by Unipol SAI.

The constant involvement in considerable projects by using several technologies, added to a lean and flexible organizational structure, consents SCAI Group to present itself as an effective and reliable partner to its Customers, who are among the most relevant Companies in Italy in the field of Finance, Security, Industry, Public Administration and Services.

SCAI Group offers its services and ICT solutions which can be integrated in already existing systems, even in ERP SAP environment.

SCAI solutions cover several areas, from nowadays technologies of document dematerialization (DoD)- even through Advanced Graphometrical Signature-, to Big Data’s Management, through tailored solutions to achieve data’s safety or directed to business areas as Finance, Banking and Public Administration.

SCAI Group also presents advanced solutions for Real Estate Management and for intervention management even through mobile systems

Mamy zaszczyt poinformować Państwa, że począwszy od 1 stycznia 2015 roku, firma Solint-Eniac sp. z o.o. zaczęła ścisle współpracować - na poziomie handlowo-technologicznym z Grupą SCAI. Współpraca ta pozwoli na udostępnienie naszym klientom szerszej gamy rozwiazań IT, dzięki wspólnym działaniom jakie obydwie spółki (Solint-Eniac i SCAI) mogą wprowadzać w życie.